Allen Securities, Book 7, May 2017

Allen Securities, Book 7, May 2017

Security contractor Zane doesn’t have time for anything but his job, let alone women. The closest thing he allows to a relationship is the occasional one-night stand.

Even when Ellen, a woman he’s lusted after for years, calls him up out of the blue, he’s reluctant to get involved. Getting too close to a woman will just create trouble, and he lives too dangerous a life to need more headaches.

After witnessing the Russian mob killing a man, Ellen is running out of options and time. Even worse, her sister is in the clutches of her abusive boyfriend: a lackey of the Russian mobsters. The desperate woman swore years ago to give up on Zane, but he’s the only man who has a prayer of saving her.

Now Zane and Ellen have to find a way to free her sister from the mob and convince the Russians not to tie up loose ends by killing Ellen.

Their growing attraction is pulling more and more of their attention. With the deadly stakes, they’ll need to fight their lust and stay focused, as even a moment of distraction could prove fatal.

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