Luna Lodge Varius Book Cover

Luna Lodge, Book Nine, Aug 2016

Hybrid Varius has found his other half in Lena, a nurse he rescued from the crazed fanatic Reverend John. Still suffering from her attempted murder at the hands of John and his men months prior, a relationship is the last thing on Lena’s mind. When Varius is sent to help Lena pack up her things at her old place, he might have the chance to convince her that he’s the man she needs.

Lena can’t seem to get her emotions under control. One second she’s panicked over the idea of leaving the lodge, the next she wants to tear off the clothes of the super-sexy hybrid. A trip back to her parents’ place offers the emotionally battered woman a chance at recovery.

Unfortunately, spending time around a hybrid makes Lena a target, both of a ratings-hungry reporter and an old dangerous foe of the lodge.

Varius only wanted to convince Lena that she could love him. Now he’ll have to save the woman he loves or risk losing her forever.

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