Special Forces, Book One, Nov 2015

Trent spent years serving as a SEAL, but when an injury forces him into a desk job, he decides his time with the Navy is over. Still readjusting to civilian life, he finds himself back in his hometown trying to establish a new security business.

The only problem is the pretty veterinarian technician Lisa. He’s drawn to her for reasons he can’t explain, making him question his previous devil-may-care attitude toward women. He won’t deny the sexual tension, but he also wants something deeper.

Lisa’s spent years trying to escape the memory of a horrific attack by throwing herself into foreign travel and avoiding serious relationships. She’s decided she’s not meant to be with anyone. Soon she finds her thoughts consumed by Trent.

Unfortunately, a dark secret from her past links her to the handsome veteran, and she’s sure that he’ll turn his back on her once he learns the truth. Just when she thinks it’s time to pull away, the horrible events from years ago resurface, and a strong, brave man may be just what she needs to save her heart and her life.

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