Sergius book cover

Luna Lodge: Hunters of Atlas, Book 4, Sep 2016

Life’s been a tough road for Jade. Drunk and abusive parents made her childhood hell, and her adult life’s been a long, tiring struggle against debt.

When she joined the Azilian cult, she mostly wanted a little money to help her financial situation, but after witnessing the horrors of the group, she risked her own life to help the mate of a hybrid.

Now living with the hybrids, she’s unsure of her place in the world. It doesn’t help that many of them don’t trust her and think she’s an Azilian spy.

Sergius knows that Jade is the one for him, the woman that completes him, but nothing in the life of a hybrid is easy. The woman is resistant to the idea of a relationship, and evidence she has strange powers is beginning to make some of the other hybrids nervous about the outsider.

Pursuing Jade might be challenge enough, but when her unusual abilities open her to a deadly risk, even the strength of a hybrid might not be enough to save her.

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