Luna Lodge, Book 6, May 2015

Jenna was supposed to only be a secretary at Luna Lodge, a simple enough job, even if it meant working alongside genetically engineered super-soldiers. Now, with her uncle down from a heart attack and the lodge reeling from a brutal attack, she’s needed for a special mission, a special mission that requires her to deal with Rem, a dangerous playboy hybrid and suspected traitor.

Rem has risked his life and freedom on a dangerous mission to help the other hybrids, but his thoughts are more occupied by Jenna. As much as he wants to deny it, the burning attraction threatens the careful self-control he’s built up over the years. A loss of control while surrounded by the dangerous minions and leaders of the Horatius Group would not only doom him, but countless others.

But time is running out for Rem. Both he and Jenna will be forced to make hard choices about who and what they’re willing to sacrifice in a final desperate mission against the Horatius Group.

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