Book 2, Luna Lodge: Hunters of Atlas, Feb 2016

Nero sees a stranger when he looks in the mirror. After years as a twisted beast-like creature, the hybrid soldier looks like any other human thanks to an injection by a dying Horatius Group scientist.

The change in appearance didn’t wipe away his guilt over his time with the ruthless Group. It also doesn’t make other hybrids trust him. They still see the beast enforcer for the Group and have no qualms about telling him, including Nyx, the only woman he’s ever desired.

Nyx isn’t about to accept Nero’s anything but a Horatius Group spy waiting for his opportunity to sell them all out. She’s also certain he’s trying to steal her position in the hybrid community. Unfortunately, she can’t seem to get her traitorous body to stop being attracted to him.

The Group may or may not be targeting the hybrids, but the suspicious Azilians still linger nearby, harboring a weapon of unimaginable power. A chance recon mission against the cult forces Nero and Nyx to confront both their enemies and their passion.

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