Luna Lodge, Book 4
August 2014

Rachel thought she could make a name for herself in the medical field working with the hybrids of Luna Lodge. She never expected to be trapped between the deadly plans of the Horatius Group and the paranoia of the Luna Lodge hybrids. Even though they now distrust her and want her gone, she can’t leave while her closest friend is at death’s door.Marius is tired of the disrespect of the other hybrids and the distracting Rachel. While he can’t deny his strong attraction to the doctor, her sharp personality makes her hard to deal with. Though he knows she wants to help the hybrids, he isn’t sure if the emotional armor she wears makes her a good fit. At the same time, he doesn’t want her to leave and to miss his one chance at a true mate.

When hybrids start falling ill under mysterious circumstances, Rachel and Marius will be forced to work together and face both their own passions and a deadly new threat to Luna Lodge.
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