Luna Lodge, Book 14, Jul 2014

Luna Lodge, Book 14, Jul 2017

Lucan is tired of his people losing to the Horatius Group. With Luna Lodge still recovering from a horrific bombing, the eager hybrid is looking for a little justice. He just can’t let a little thing like his heart stand in the way.

Even though Lucan saved the life of his destined mate, Jamie, he’s determined to keep his distance from her. He tells himself it’s for her own safety, but she has a few thoughts of her own about relationships.

Jamie’s been through hell before, and the latest incident is no different. She’s not willing to wait around for what she wants, but instead decides to go after Lucan, whether he says he wants her or not.

The enemy still lurks in the shadows, vicious and willing to target both the hybrids and those who might love them. Just when Lucan and Jamie think they might have a chance at happiness, a shocking revelation brings her into the middle of an opportunity for revenge against the Horatius Group.

Surrounded by an enemy who could be anyone, Lucan will have to decide if he wants to forsake his vengeance or protect his woman.

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