Luna Lodge, Book Seven, Dec 2015

Dedicated nurse Paige is having a hell of a week.

First, she gets suspended from the hospital for working with the hybrids at Luna Lodge. She sees it as a medical professional simply doing her duty, but her superiors see a woman involved with a trouble-making group of genetically engineered super-soldiers.

Her only hope of keeping her job is convincing her bosses she has nothing to do with the lodge anymore. Soon, her hope of staying out of the hybrids’ world is crushed when a handsome rogue hybrid shows up half-dead on her doorstep.

Hybrid Justus suffered as a prisoner of both the Horatius Group and Luna Lodge. Now on the run, he’s determined to keep his freedom at all costs, but cut off from the familiar, he becomes desperate and confused. Freedom can be overwhelming to those who have never had it.

When a chance encounter in the forest leaves Justus wounded, he’s forced to flee until encountering a woman that calls on the most primal side of him: Paige.

The two can’t deny their attraction to each other, but first they have to do deal with paranoid locals who aren’t about to let a hybrid wander outside of Luna Lodge, even if it means bloodshed.

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