Privileged, Book 2, Feb 2014

Living the high life in Grace Locke’s elite world has left her listless and unfulfilled. Her parents have it all mapped out for her, from birth to marriage, including the man she’s supposed to love and marry. It’s too bad she can’t get her kiss with Dean, a cowboy from outside her circle, off her mind. Things change when her grandmother challenges Grace to break free and begin to learn who she is and not who her parents want her to be.

Attacking her new life with the gusto of self-exploration, Grace finds she really only feels free with Dean. Unfortunately, that soon becomes complicated when she’s drawn into helping her ex-boyfriend, not out of love, but out of her concern for his suffering younger sister. Sworn to secrecy by her ex to protect his family’s reputation, Grace has to deal with a suspicious Dean and her ruthless parents who care little about her happiness. Freedom, Grace, soon learns can come at a cost.

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