Cyrus, Luna Lodge, Book 11, Cover

Luna Lodge, Book Eleven, Feb 2017

Cyrus enjoys his job training other hybrids. When Titus orders him off training to escort a government auditor around, he isn’t pleased. With Luna Lodge targeted by so many foes, producing a new generation of skilled hybrids is vital to their future. It’s more important than playing tour guide to some pencil pusher.

April hopes her assessment of Luna Lodge for the US government will fast-forward her career. She just didn’t count on an amorous and arrogant general, a bigoted senator, and her attractive escort: the hunky Cyrus. As the two spend more time around one other, they can’t deny the call of their bodies and souls.

Despite their growing passion, April still has a job to do, and that involves figuring out if Luna Lodge is a risk. When she’s caught up in a threat to the Lodge, the bravery and desire of one hybrid might not be enough to save both the woman he loves and his fellow hybrids.

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