Kelly Clan, Book 2
August 2014

Claire McClure has other things to worry about than what’s on TV or the latest fashion trends. She’s determined to be get elected into a city council position, and she’s not going to let a few pesky members of the Russian Mafia ruin it for her, even if they’ve already demonstrated a willingness to kill people who get in their way.

Having left the Kelly Clan as a traitor, Conor really shouldn’t be worried about his ex-girlfriend Claire, but when it comes to the Russians, there’s plenty to worry about. He’s also not pleased with the fact that his unstable new boss is making eyes at his sister and has allied himself with the Russians.

Torn between the woman he loves and the sister who needs him, Conor has to make a choice about which world he’s going to live in before someone he loves ends up dead.

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