Luna Lodge, Book 13, Cato Book Cover

Luna Lodge, Book 13, Apr 2017

The cauldron of tension at Luna Lodge is threatening to boil over. With distrust mounting between the military and the hybrids, Cato is forced to walk a tightrope between the two factions, or risk the situation exploding into violent disaster.

His balancing act is threatened by the presence of the distractingly attractive Staff Sergeant Wendy Morris. He can’t trust a woman who is with the very military oppressing his people.

Wendy has worked hard to rise in the ranks of the ultimate male-dominated field. She’s not crazy about her current assignment, but if her superiors think the hybrids are a threat, then she’s not going to question them. However, the more she gets to know the moody and handsome Cato, the more she starts to wonder just who the threat is.

When unexpected trouble descends on the Lodge, the pair will need to team up to keep everyone around them safe and protect their own chance at true happiness.

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