Allen Securities, Book Five, Mar 2015

Cage spent most of his life as a carefree bachelor. It was a good life with no attachments and a solid job working with his brothers to catch bad guys. Everything changed in an instant when he was crippled on the job, and he watched a man die to save his life.

Now, months later, Cage is still confronting the demons of self-worth and his guilt over the other man’s death, along with growing feelings for Whitney, an attractive vet who seems to think he’s still a shallow playboy.

Whitney doesn’t want to get tangled up with a playboy. She thinks she knows Cage’s type and would rather be alone than risk her heart getting torn apart.

When someone starts leaving strange items at her vet clinic, she finds the only man she can trust to help is the one man she’s afraid of getting to know.

The two are forced to confront their feelings as they race to figure out why Whitney is being targeted.

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