Braden Ebook

Kelly Clan, Book 5, Nov 2016

Teagan just wants to live a normal life and not get sick again. Though she fantasizes about having a boyfriend she can bring home for Christmas, she needs a normal, safe man, and not Braden, the sexy traitor mobster who saved her life. She’s doing her best to not think about the amazing kiss she shared with him and instead focus on her clothing line.

Braden is deep undercover. He’s the inside man for Finn, the head of the Irish Mafia, and keeping an eye on the recent influx of enforcers of the enemy Russian Mafia.

Despite wanting Teagan, Braden knows she’s better off away from him. Things become dangerous and complicated when he’s asked to kidnap Teagan to keep her safe from the vengeful Russians.

Now Braden and Teagan find themselves thrown together, their lives threatened before their love even has a chance.

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