Apollo and Val


Luna Lodge, Book 5.5, July 2015

Val hasn’t had a relaxing month. First, she tracked down her long-lost brother. Then, she was attacked. There was also the small matter of finding the love of her life. Everything seems to be happening too fast for her to catch up.

Apollo has everything he’s ever wanted. Now the hybrid super-soldier just needs to make sure Val sticks around to see their relationship through, but when he tries to surprise her with a special dinner, the night doesn’t go the way he planned.

Val and Apollo’s romantic concerns are put on hold when a team is needed to investigate another possible Horatius Group facility. With a chance of revenge against the Group, the Luna hybrids set out to take on the enemy, and Val is happy to be of some use, even if it means she won’t be able to run from her personal issues with Apollo.

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