What’s new?

Well for me, I’ve been putting all that good data to use from the survey. Making plans for the new year and getting all my ducks in a row.

First things first, December is going to be a very busy month! I’m launching two new series as well as putting out a couple books in series already out. This is all going to be a blast but I will likely be scarce until after it’s all over. Nothing new to some of you but just wanted to let everyone know.

Sooooo, we’ve talked before about pre-orders and giving a heads up about releases. It’s something I’ve been tossing around for a bit now. I think this last week was a very good reason why it’s just not going to work in the near future. Illness is something I just have to deal with here and whenever I get behind, it puts my husband behind in editing. I’m not pulling the idea completely, just tabling it until I can get much further ahead. So for pre-orders, we might be looking at more July than January. Also, there are still some issues with pre-orders on Amazon. I’m hoping they continue to work out the kinks. However, I get that some of you might want to reread a series before a new book comes out (which I absolutely LOVE) and I want to make sure I’m giving you a heads up so you can do things the way you’d like. That said, I’m going to post up my lineup. There aren’t going to be any hard dates but the line-up will stay the same unless something crazy happens, which I’m sure you all will hear about. I thought it might help with any planning that needs to be done. 🙂

So here’s a soft outline for the next couple months (nothing is certain here, just general plan as of right now):

Hunters of Atlas #5: Marcus

December 2016
Luna Lodge #11: Cyrus

January 2017
Hunters of Atlas #6
Buttoned Up #1
Berserk Series #1

February 2017
Luna Lodge #12
Allen Securities #7: Zane
Berserk Series #3

So there you have it. Plans are to have release day only on Friday during the week. Unfortunately, it’s hard for me to get it out at the same time everywhere. So once a book is up on Amazon, it should be out at the other places by the following Tuesday at the latest. Ideally, I’ll be able to get them at those places sooner and hope they load up quickly but the time frame it takes to publish a book is really out of my hands. :/ Frustrating.

I think that about covers things. Really looking forward to the upcoming year. Lots of great things in the works!
Thanks for being such great fans. I love being able to share my books with you. I really am blessed to have this job.


Lots of Updates!

Hello! I hope everyone had a great Halloween! My kids did a little run around the neighborhood and then came home to hand out candy to everyone. It was a very nice evening of candy and movies.

I’ve got a lot to run over this month so let me just sorta jump in. The next couple months are going to be super busy for a couple reasons. It’s the holidays and that always adds an additional element to it all. I’m trying to get out a ton of books because I have plans. Big plans (I’ll explains soon). As an added bit of fun, my thyroid has decided to join my adrenals in giving me a bit of trouble. This is a new thing for me so I’m trying to adjust as we get meds sorted. The up side? Although I was sick recently, it had been some time since I was sick and that’s good in my book. 🙂

So moving on to the good stuff. If you haven’t done so, fill out this survey! I’ll explain my findings in another post when it’s over but for now, it’s important to helping me plan for next year. Also by filling it out you have a chance to win 1 of 4 $10 USD gift cards to Amazon.

Now on to the books. Who read Servius? Well if you haven’t you’re going to want to. It is the starting point for a BRAND NEW SERIES I will be releasing next year. I’ve always had plans for this and I’m loving the chance to make it happen. Unlike the Hunters of Atlas branch off, this series will interact at times with both the Luna hybrids and the Hunters hybrids. I don’t have any firm dates on this series yet but I’ll keep you all posted.

For the suspense lines. I had no idea how long it had been since I released a Kelly Clan book! I had a series of illnesses and that series just got pushed out somehow. Well I’m making sure that doesn’t have again. Last month Riley came out. This month I’m putting out Braden. I think it’s only fair that the series get back to back releases. Also, I’m going to put out an Allen Securities book after the new year. I put the series on the back burner to figure out what I was going to do and I’m so glad I did. Zane is going to knock your socks off! I’m so stinking excited about it but I’m still working on dates so I’ll keep you all posted.

I’ve mentioned about a million times now that I’ve got a new series in the works. The series is called Berserk and the first book is called Dog Fight. This is a shifter series and I’m just in love with the story. The roots of it are Viking in nature and the men are a bit more…aggressive. But in a good way. Of course I’ll still have sassy women taming these rough men and it will be hot as all get out because of it. These books are going to quite a bit longer than any of my other books and because of the time investment, they are going to be priced at $3.99 (they will be 2-3 times the size of a Luna book). I think that a dollar more for double, almost triple the length is more than worth it. The first in the series will be out at the end of next month.

Lastly, I know I’ve also mentioned a million times about the RomCom I’ve been working on. Well I’m also planning on releasing that next month. It’s in the flavor of Gilmore Girls but all set to my style and quirks. Oh and a whole lot of dirty! This is my just for fun. Something I’ve been toying with since last year and only now getting the chance to give it a go. The series is called Buttoned Up and the first book is Stiff Collar. This series won’t come out as often as some of the others but I think it’s going to go over really well. As I tell my husband at least a dozen times a day, I am a very funny person. 😀

Okay so after saying all that I think I should expand on a few items. As you can see I have a diverse writing profile. I think it’s what makes me fun. It keeps my writing fresh and it’s all what I love to both read and write. I won’t ever be the author that writes just one sub-genre. It’s just not me and I think we’re all benefited when I get to be myself. That said, I think that’s never really going to be much a problem for people getting the series they love. I put out a ton of books. Even when I’m super sick I still manage to get out a decent amount of books.
2013- 7 books
2014- 9 books
2015- 10 books
2016 (so far)- 9 books but if things go as planned it should be about 16 books
I just wanted to post this to keep in mind. That although I might have several series, there’s more than enough room for me to love them all. 🙂 Every day I wake up thinking how lucky I am to be able to do exactly what I love and have other people love my work as well. I just can’t express how much I love my job. So if I ever drop out of communication, know that I’m hard at work trying to create books that you will love. You all are amazing.

And thank you to anyone that made it this far. lol


Some great news!

Hello! I hope you all have started your weekend off right, I know I certainly have. We’re releasing the 4th book in the Hunters of Atlas: Sergius. To celebrate I’m enjoying a little Sangria tonight. 😉

So on top of another great release, I’ve got some good news. Well, good news mostly for me but don’t worry, you’ll benefit as well. Recently I was chatting with some authors and several mentioned using Dragon Naturally Speaking. Now I don’t mention it much but I’ve got some psoratic arthritis in my hands which can be really difficult to work around when you type all day. The benefit of this program is that all I have to do is speak and then edit.

Let me just say how amazing it has been. With it I have been able to get so much done! I’m just blown away.

So here’s the really awesome part. Because of this, I’m looking at doing pre-orders by the end of this year. I know how many have been waiting and hoping I’d go this direction. With Dragon, it really makes this a possibility.

For right now, I’m going to keep things as they are. I put out books and post them up. I need a little more time to get things organized to feel comfortable doing this. But don’t worry. As soon as I’m ready to start the pre-orders, you all will be the first to know. 🙂

So on the book front I’m moving right along. Next in the series is Kelly Clan #4: Riley. After will be Luna Lodge #10: Servius. I will be putting out another Special Forces and then a Special Forces Christmas. Thought it might be fun to do a holiday book this year.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and please see about reviewing Sergius. I love to read your reviews!



Happy Late Monday…

…which is actually Tuesday but it’s been one of those days.

I intended to write this all in the morning but it has been quite the day. Kiddo broke his glasses so we had to make a run to get them replaced. Not the best start to the week but luckily I got the warranty so it didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Funny how one thing rolls into another and then suddenly you’re stuffed with dinner wondering where the day went. Fun times!

So let’s get to the good stuff! Varius is out! Super excited to get this one out. Over the next few books in the series, we’re going to see some major progression with the plot. Things are starting to really fall into place for the Luna crew and it’s about time they had some major wins. 🙂

Next book out is Special Forces #2 Johnny. I know it’s been some time since Trent came out but I think you’re going to be happy with this release. It has some great action as well as sexy SEAL hotness. I’m really looking forward to the progression of this series. I’m not sure if I ever clarified but I do plan on having other branches of the military. All sorts of hot men in uniform out there. 😉

Over the next couple months I’m going to be putting out quite a few books fairly quickly. I’d love to say I can keep it up forever but there’s just no way. Several of these books I started a bit ago so I’m really just finishing them off. It’s going to be a fun couple months.

So here’s the lineup:
Special Forces #2 Johnny
Hunters of Atlas #4 Sergius
Kelly Clan #4 Riley
Berserk Series #1 Dog Fight

As you can see, the final one is a new book. I’ve mentioned this series a couple times before. It’s going to be a new shifter book. This one is going to be different from the Luna series. The shifters will turn into wolves and it’s going to be darker than any other series out. Due to the nature of the story, these books are also going to be significantly longer. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you all think. I’ve been conceptualizing this book for over a year now so it’s sorta my baby. Oh and did I mention hot vikings? 😉

That’s about it really. Just thought it had been a bit since I touched base. If things go quiet on my end, know I’m busting ass to get things done. Keep an eye out on FB for additional info and, of course, the newsletter for the latest releases. For those who still haven’t signed up, I’d really suggest getting on that this month. I’ve got plans next month for special newsletter only content. These are going to be small shorts from different characters across all the series.


A New Quiet

Things have been quiet from me for a bit. Normally this would be a good thing since I tend to go quiet when I’m working furiously to get out a new book. This case, not so much. My father was recently hospitalized over some very serious issues. I think the hardest part for me is being so far away and knowing that my going back home won’t solve anything. I think many can understand that feeling. Luckily, he’s home now and on the path to recovery. The worry is less but he’s my father, I’ll always worry.

I debated being vague with this post but I’ve always been pretty upfront about thing in my life. My own medical issues and my children having autism being the main parts. Because of this, I’ve gotten some amazing letter from readers. People who also have struggles. Who use my books as an escape from the pressures of everyday life. I just wanted to say how important you all are to me. I have always been lucky to have amazing readers who understand that life happens and are willing to wait for the next book in a series. Who have dealt with my lack of dates and loved my characters as much as I do. To all of you, thank you. You are amazing.

Now that I got that off my chest, I should prolly tell you what’s going on. I am very close to putting Allen Securities #6 Mason. After will come Hunters of Atlas #3 Lucas. I’m still sorting some things out after my schedule was tossed around a bit. For now, keep on the lookout for Mason and we’ll go from there. If I can get this summer sorted like I’m hoping, there is a chance I’ll go back to having actual release dates.

Everyone have a great week!




So many plans!

Hi everyone! Hope you are loving Zeno as much as I do. I wanted something a little different from the usual and feel really good about the results. I’m in love with the idea of trying the drink in the story and thought you all might like the recipe! One of the best things about writing is getting paid to learn new things about places I’ve never been. I now have a new place on my bucket list.

Anyone makes this I’d love to see the end results.

Peruvian Pisco Sour Recipe

  • 210 ml good quality Pisco (Aromático, Acholado or Mosto Verde)
  • 140 ml sugar syrup (Jarabe de Goma)
  • 70 ml lime juice (preferable freshly pressed)
  • 1 egg white
  • Angostura Bitters
  • Crushed ice


Press out the limes and separate one egg white. Pour the Pisco, sugar syrup and lime juice into a shaker. Add the egg white and top everything up with crushed ice (when using an electric mixer you can also use ice cubes instead). Shake well until the mix gets really foamy.

After mixing the cocktail it should be served right away, decorated with a couple of drops Angostura Bitters on top of the foam.

Back to the writing front. I’ve decided to get out Mason next. Had a great idea for him and it just has to come out. After will be Lucas. My desk is littered with post it notes about different books and running ideas for them. I’m feeling very inspired a the moment and currently plotting several books forward in series. Usually I have running notes for each series and each book but I’ve been full on plotting for what’s so come. So many big things getting ready to happen with our Luna boys and the Hunters about a few books away from getting a HUGE shock.

Johnny from Special Forces is full plotted as well as Clint, who we’ll meet in Johnny’s book. I love them both! I’ve been ready for Riley for some time now. I just love the bad boy who knows what he wants.

So many great things in the works! Shhhh…this summer, I’m going to work on making some fan products available to buy. I’ve been asked many times about this and as I reader, I get it. Sometimes we just want a little piece of the books we love.

Oh and one more thing! I’m looking at starting an Instagram account. I’ll put up little clips of my awesome office, some writing snap shots, and random things I love.

Have a great week and be on the lookout for Mason!



The Quiet Times

If things ever get really quiet on my blog or facebook, it’s either one of two things. I’m sick, which sadly happens more than I would like. Or, I’m working on the next book. Fortunately, this time I’ve been working on the next book.

Zeno is coming along great. Gone through some edits and just came up with something brilliant. It helps round out the story and gives me so many ideas it hurts. That’s a good thing in my world. Won’t spill the beans because it would ruin the story but you all are going to love it!

Right now I’d say we’re a few days from putting it out. I don’t plan on holding it for a specific date. Lot of authors do but that’s just not my thing. I’ve never liked the idea of books sitting around when they could be in the hands of readers. Not to knock anyone, everyone works their own way. This is just me. This is likely also why I have a number of series out at one time. lol

So the plan right now is to finish up Zeno and then roll into Mason. Now don’t get use to all these books coming out so quickly. Mason and Riley (the next in the line-up) have been mostly plotted and have chunks written so they will go fairly quickly. On a typical month, I’d love to get out two book. However, right now I’m good with getting out one. Aim for two, hit one. It all works out.

One more final note. It seems that in Nero, the next book is incorrect. If you have an edition that says Marcus, that is not right. There was a misunderstanding. Lucas is actually the next book. Marcus needs to stew a bit more with his bad attitude. 😉

Hope everyone has a great Leap Year Day!



Series Rundown

I wanted to make this a whole new post because there are a lot of series going on and a few new ones that will pop up this year. I’ve already talked about my plans for 3 and 4 month rotations but I think it’s good to sort of touch base on each series.

So let’s start with Luna Lodge and Hunter of Atlas. These with both continue on like they have been. Zeno, for the Luna boys, will sort of crack open a whole path to figuring out who keeps screwing with them and what they can do about it. Zeno is the catalyst for all of this and I think you’ll see that with this coming book. For the Hunters, they have a whole different can of worms to worry about. The Azilians are bad news. We’ve already seen some pretty nasty and strange things from them but this group is unlike any others the Hunters have battled. It’s going to be epic in so many ways. Don’t want to spoil too much but Agatha will be showing up soon and she is not happy.

The Allen, Kelly and Special Forces are three very different series that are all set in the same world. I love each one for different reasons and it’s always hard to see one of them come to an end but Mason is going to be the last in the Allen Series. I do have plans for a few short stories that I’ll include in future newsletters (Ryder and Irene are a for sure at this point). For now, I think I need to step away. Doesn’t mean forever. There’s always the chance that while I’m writing another book, I’m struck with a brilliant idea but I don’ want to force something and tarnish the books I love. I do have plans for the hot biker Havoc that will come either at the end of this year or the start of next. He’s far to yummy not to have a book. The Kelly books still have quite a few more before we see a final resolution with Enis and the Russians. I do plan to write another Finn book and likely a few of the other boys. There are some loose ends and I’d like to see the guys get the chance to serve some justice.

It’s been a while since Shadow’s Embrace came out. It isn’t something I would normally do but I really like where this series could go. However, I’m stretched pretty thin. So I’ve decided to kick it old school with this one and just put out one a year. I think this is reasonable. It allows me the time to build the world and make it what I want.

Two new series this year. I know you’re prolly giving a little side-eye right now and you wouldn’t be the first. I pass myself in the mirror and give a little side-eye as well. It’s totally and utterly insane to think about adding two new series. Except that neither of these stores will let me go. I keep trying to put them off but I can’t. I just can’t.

First new series is called the Berserk Series and the first book is called Dog Fight. This is flat out a shifter book. It’s going to be longer, darker and dirtier than anything I’ve written thus far but you are going to LOVE it. The men are so alpha I get excited just thinking about it. First book will come out at the end of April or close to there and I’m going crazy with anticipation!

The next new series is called Buttoned Up the first book Stiff Collar. This series is a Romantic Comedy. I know this is a bit outside of what I normally do but last year I had the chance to listen to Sylvia Day talk about her writing. It gave me the strength to branch out. To write the books I feel and go for it. So that’s what this is. Aside from it not coming out until later in the year, I don’t really have a full plan for this series. I will be in a box set with several author friend and this is the series I’ll write a short for that. The Box Set will come out in Oct. I’ll post more about this one as time goes on and I have things plotted a bit more.

One more note, I will be finishing the Shot Serial and selling it as a whole book. It’s another one that’s just been sort of pushed to the side.

I think that just about covers everything. Busy year. I’ve got plans to get out a ton of books and try some new things. Hopefully that’s exactly what happens.

Thanks for reading!



Past, present and future

I thought I might take a moment to just chat a bit. I’m going to be moving at a crazy fast pace and I want to make sure I get a few things out there.

So first of all, you all are amazing. Thank you so much for being such great fans and loving my books as much as I love them. There’s nothing better than knowing that you’re creating a place where people what to be. I’m just so thankful for all my wonderful fans. I’ve gotten some really great emails and although I haven’t had time to respond to many, please know I read them and cherish the support and encouragement offered. I truly feel lucky to have such great fans.

I’d like to talk a little about this last year.

It was a pretty crazy time for my family since we bought a house (woohoo!) and went on our first big family trip just for fun, not to see family. These were both very big things for us and if you know about my children, you’ll understand why. For those who don’t know, both of my children are autistic. My daughter, 10, is severely so. My son, 7, is as well but he’s fully functioning with some behavior issues that are just now leveling out. So getting a house and going on a vacation are very big things to us. Just as a side note, if you have special kiddos, I 100% going to LegoLand. That place was fantastic. It’s low-key and there’s something for everyone. Not only that but they have a pass for special kids. It was the best possible experience we could have had. As for the house, more room is always good. Getting an actual office is amazing. Downside, we are still unpacking and putting together furniture! Does it ever end?? lol No, it’s really great but it took far longer than I expected to get settled.

Add in a few trips to visit family and I end up with a month like January. One where I start with the flu, drift into strep and settle with a sinus infection. Bleh.

Because of this, I’m only taking one trip this year and it’s to see my family. Luckily my husbands family is moving closer so it makes things easier. That said, it also means I’m not doing RT this year. I’m a little bummed about it but I really do think it’s for the best. This year I’ve got lazer sharp focus and things I want to get done. This is a good time to do it.

So let’s talk about dates.

There are no dates. lol I know that’s not something that you all want to hear but there are reasons. It used to be that I took them out because my health was making me miss dates. That’s not really the case now. As an independent publisher, I have options in how I look at the market. It’s not something I talk about much because most times I assume you all will find it boring but I bring it up now so there’s some understanding. I’m keeping my dates a bit more loose so I can keep up with this ever-changing market. It’s a good thing really. Unlike some publishers, I just have myself. I write very quickly and have a whole process that is expedited to get my books out there. The benefit is that I can put out things that people are interested in at the moment. I can also follow a muse. It’s not often that I let my muse get the better of me but there are moments. 🙂 The other reason is that I put out a lot of books. If I decide to change a date, it doesn’t really matter. It’s not like there isn’t going to be a book coming out. In a number of months I have two releases.

All that said, I know there are some series (*cough*Kelly*cough*) that haven’t gotten the regular schedule that they deserve. I’m really not trying to blow them off. I love all my series and want to make sure I’m being consistent with releases. Therefor, I’ve got a plan of action. Some series will be put on a 3 month rotation while others will be put on a 4 month rotation. Paranormal is 3 months. Suspense is 4 months. So what does this mean? Well, let’s say Kelly Clan #4 Riley (winkwink) comes out in March. Well the 5th book in that series would be out in July. This doesn’t mean that it will always work out exactly that way. This isn’t a guarantee and sometimes life happens. But I do want you all to know the general plan.

Where does that leave us?

Right now I’m working like crazy on Zeno. He’s been on my mind for ages and, OH MY! Somebody turn on a fan!

I’ve put the current works and the line-up in the Coming Soon section under books. This will give you an idea as to what to expect sooner rather than later. It is currently in the order I plan to write them in. This is subject to change but whatever is in the current section is something I am already writing. So that is a for sure thing.

Lot of books planned for this year but I think we’ll leave off right here. Don’t want to lump too much info all together.

Anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask. I’m actually putting time in my planner to be more accessible to you all. It’s something I’ve struggled with but I’m feeling far more confident as an author and want to open up a bit more. 🙂

If you read all the way through, thanks for sticking with me. I got epic posting skillz. 😉



Nero is out!

Nero: Luna Lodge- Hunters of Atlas #2

Nero sees a stranger when he looks in the mirror. After years as a twisted beast-like creature, the hybrid soldier looks like any other human thanks to an injection by a dying Horatius Group scientist.

The change in appearance didn’t wipe away his guilt over his time with the ruthless Group. It also doesn’t make other hybrids trust him. They still see the beast enforcer for the Group and have no qualms about telling him, including Nyx, the only woman he’s ever desired.

Nyx isn’t about to accept Nero’s anything but a Horatius Group spy waiting for his opportunity to sell them all out. She’s also certain he’s trying to steal her position in the hybrid community. Unfortunately, she can’t seem to get her traitorous body to stop being attracted to him.

The Group may or may not be targeting the hybrids, but the suspicious Azilians still linger nearby, harboring a weapon of unimaginable power. A chance recon mission against the cult forces Nero and Nyx to confront both their enemies and their passion.

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