It’s Oh So Quiet…

So I’ve been a little quite lately. More than normal quiet. lol On top of trying to get all my writing done, I’ve been figuring out my next step in writing. That next step is Kindle Unlimited. I know some of you won’t be surprised by this since I was getting feedback but others might be.

First, let me say that I didn’t do this lightly. I love all my readers from all the various places you all get my books. That said, I’ve been faced with the harsh reality of a KU world. The fact is, I have bills to pay and KU has cut deeply into that money. I hate to even bring up money but it’s a reality we all have. I’m just lucky enough to be able to do a job I truly love.

I’m sorry if this news isn’t what you were wanting to hear. I really do mean that. But, for now, this is the solution that helps me to keep writing.

All that said, there is a bonus to this. I will be able to put out more books and not have to worry about one book cannibalizing another. It also means I’ll be able to follow the whims I have without worry (I’ve got a killer witch series in mind for next year). It opens up a whole new way of writing that I hadn’t been able to look at before.

Please have a little patience with me as I get my new KU legs. I’ve talked with Willow and we’ve placed Devils Den in KU. My doing this has thrown a wrench into her plans so we’re taking some time to figure things out with that series and where it fits in. Also, I’ve bumped Berserk for a bit. I had some trouble getting Dog Fight listed and want to make sure all the kinks are out. Up side, I’ll be putting out a new Luna Lodge book next week! I’ve got another surprise with that series but I’ll hold off on that for a bit. 😉

Anyways, thanks for reading this novel like post. I just want to reiterate how much I really care about all my readers. Some of you have been with me since book one and I’m so incredibly lucky to know you all. Thank you for continuing on this journey with me.


KU Thoughts…

I’ll be posting this pretty much everywhere because I’d love to get reader input. Your thoughts are valuable to me.

I have been debating for some time KU. For those of you unfamiliar with this Kindle Unlimited, it is offered through Amazon and you pay a flat monthly fee for access to tons of books. I am currently not in KU. My books can been found at most major online retailers, which we call being wide. There are advantages and disadvantages to this. I love reaching so many people through different retailers. Recently the down side has been a serious reduction in the amount of income, which I attribute to KU. You see my problem. To write I need income.

I’m currently considering several options on how to address this but would first like to know your thoughts on KU. Do you use it? What are you reading on there? How many books are you reading a month through KU? If you aren’t in KU, why?

These are all very important to me. I can’t say what direction I may go but I do know that regardless, KU is a factor I cannot ignore.

Thank you all so much for any and all input. I’m very lucky to have so many great readers. Sometimes we have to adapt and change. Even if we do it kicking and screaming.


Exciting New Things!

Firstly, if you haven’t picked up Berserk #1: Dog Fight, please do! I love this series. It was so much fun to write and I can’t wait until you all see where this 12 book series is going to go.

Buy Dog Fight on Amazon!

Erik is more than happy to tell anyone that things like curses and destiny are nonsense. He has no time for myths, legends, and other garbage. It doesn’t matter that he’s a werewolf pack leader who acquires art for vampires, not exactly the normal makings for a skeptic.

The only thing Erik has less time for than talk of destiny is an actual relationship. One-night stands are all he’s willing to risk, and he’s never cared about finding something more lasting. Women are trouble even when you’re not trying to hide your secret existence as a werewolf. He just can’t figure out why he’s so obsessed with the hot new temp worker Lillian.

Lillian only wants a job to prove that she can make it in the big city. Her biggest concern is avoiding the wrath of spiteful co-workers. Attracted to and distracted by her hunky boss, she has no idea that she has a hidden fate in her new city.

When Lillian stumbles into a werewolf fight, Erik realizes she’s much more than just an object of lust, and soon she’s dragged into a supernatural conspiracy threatening the entire city.

Now, the pack leader will have to control his own desire while he protects the woman from his own kind.

So I have some exciting news. Some of you know I have wanted to try my hand at RomCom (Romantic Comedy) for a while now. I have finally settled on, what I feel to be, a fantastic new series. Because I mainly write paranormal, I thought it might be best to start a pen name for this series. That way no one is getting emails they don’t want to get. Hope some of you will like my new page ( Holly Holiday Facebooks page ) and sign up for the newsletter ( Holly Holiday Mailing List ). I’m really looking forward to sharing this new adventure with you all. But don’t worry, paranormal is still just as much a part of my life as ever.

Welcome to Sugar Plum Village! The town where the magic of Christmas never ends. Even if it’s not always the most convenient for the residents there. Especially for certain couples who are about to learn, Christmas magic is a year round event. So whip up a mug of hot cocoa and get ready for a few holly jolly high jinks (naughty bits included 😉 ). It’s going to be one heck of a sleigh ride.
COMING 12/10/17

In other news, the co-written book with Willow Hazel will be out this week! The series is called Devils Den and I know you all are going to love it. On top of that, I’m already pushing hard to get out Berserk #2 before the end of December. It’s going to be a busy few weeks but I’m very excited. I love how Dog Fight turned out and feedback is really good so far. I’d love if anyone wants to put up some reviews on Amazon. Normally I don’t ask but this is a new series and it can be very helpful. Thanks!

Finally, I’ve got a little surprise this Christmas for those looking to pick up any Luna Lodge books they might have missed. Every book in the Luna Lodge series will be available from Christmas through New Year’s Day for $0.99 each (Sol is still FREE)! Just my way of saying thank you. 🙂

Everyone have a fantastic week!


End of Summer Thoughts…

Summer is finally starting to slow down. Even here in my hot desert home. It’s only 99F degrees today and that’s a relief from the scorching temps this summer. My son is already be in school and my daughter has next week off then she’s back to school as well. As some of you may appreciate this, getting work done in the summer is always a challenge. And kids, even in the fictional world, often prevent any ‘fun’ activities. lol

That said, we were able to just release the latest Luna Lodge #14: Lucan. I think everyone is going to be very happy with the direction things head in the lodge and with the hybrids. The next 5 in the series are going to be the final five in this series! DON’T PANIC! lol This isn’t the end for the hybrids. More a moving point for them and that means great things for our boys and their woman. Also, Hunters of Atlas will continue on. We have tons of things still to settle there. Also, when Luna Lodge ends, I will be starting up a new series called Luna Lodge: Alpha Squad. This will be a sort of continuation of the Luna series but in a whole new way. Keep your eyes pealed, I’ll be announcing things related to this over next year.

Hope everyone is liking the return of Kelly Clan and Allen Securities. I’ve got some great ideas with both series but they will be slow coming out. It’s just they way they fall with the line up. But we’ll at least be getting 2 of each series a year. 🙂

Okay, finally Berserk. So you might have noticed I’ve delayed on this one. Mainly, I want to make sure this is exactly how I want it. I love all my series but this one is special to me. Mostly, I just need to make sure everyone loves it as much as I do. I’m hoping to have it ready by Sept. but we’ll see.

Final note, I just want to say thank you to everyone for being such great fans. I love that I’ve been able to connect with you all through my stories. I truly cherish all my readers. You are amazing women and I’m lucky to have this connection with each and every one of you. May we have many more years together and our hot alpha men. 😉



Hello June!

What a busy month May has been! I went to RT where I got to meet lots of fans, which is always amazing, and hook up with some wonderful author friends. It’s always a great time for good ideas to strike and that’s exactly what happened this year. I’m still formulating a few things on this but expect to hear something about this new series in the fall. 😉

Despite being gone a week, I was still able to get out two books this month. Zane from the Allen Series and Quintus from Hunters. Hope everyone has enjoyed them! It was fun going back and breathing some life back into the Allen series. This is something I hope to do more of this year. For all the suspense lines but I’ll talk more about that later.

Now we’ve covered May, I’m totally ready to move on to June. As some of you will remember, at the last RT I started to formulate a series. Just basic ideas that I have been obsessed with ever since. Two words. Shifter Vikings. 😀 See, tell me that doesn’t make you smile. This is going to be a little different. First, these books will be about double the size of a Luna or Hunters book. There is A LOT to cover in these books and to do that they just need to be longer. That said, they are also going to be priced at $3.99. I think it’s still a fair price for the length. Kay, another things that’s different is that there are 12 books in this series. If they go well I do have a branch off series planned but that’s won’t be until the final 12 are finished.

I am very excited about releasing this series. It’s going to be hot raw alphaness with the same awesome woman who can handle the heat.

Can you tell I like a strong female character? I actually just got an email today that really made my day. She talked about my female characters and how she loves that they have a backbone. Me too! I believe that a partnership means that both people need to have a voice. I think that’s what I’ve done and I’m so glad that I’m able to share that with so many amazing women.

Okay, back to the book. I expect to release around the third week of the month. Don’t hold me to it but that’s the plan. Also, because this is a new series, I’m totally going to beg you all to leave reviews. I sorta hate to do it because, bleh, it just makes me feel so dirty. But reviews do boost a book and I really want your feedback. I’m beyond excited about this series but it means nothing if you all aren’t feeling it.

Things have been really kicking along with the Kelly men. So much so that we’re going to see the introduction of a few new guys. I think you all will like the new direction. Eventually those dirty Russians will get what’s coming to them. Kelly Clan should come out the last week of the month. Again, don’t hold me to it.

So that’s about it. I’ll be leaving on vacation the last day of the month. I will have my computer with me and will likely be doing a little work but not much. Mainly because there are about a million people to see when I go home. lol Never a bad thing to be loved.

Hope you all have a great week!


Quintus Out Now!

╔═. ♥.══════╗
╚══════. ♥.═╝
..✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫ ..✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫ ..✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫
Eagle Ridge was supposed to be a safe haven for the hybrids, but now it’s turning into a Glycon-infested hell.

The presence of the horrible mutants is bad enough, but then a human witnesses an attack. Now the hybrids are at risk of being exposed to the outside world and the ruthless Horatius Group.

Allison’s proud to be mayor of Eagle Ridge and takes her job seriously. She’s very concerned about protecting the citizens of her town, especially with all the violent attacks that have been occurring. Though she’s convinced a wild animal is involved, she also can’t deny having seen a strange monster.

Hybrid Quintus is still finding his place among the hybrids, but is comfortable serving as a spy. When he’s sent to find out how much Allison might have seen, he’s surprised to find that she may be his fated mate.

Despite the raging attraction between the two, the shocking truth behind why so many Glycons are in the area may cost them their lives before they can even worry about a future relationship.
..✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫ ..✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫ ..✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫

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Hello March!

New month, new book!

Just released Hunters of Atlas (Book 6): Jace. Here are all the links to buy it.
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon AU
Amazon CA
Barnes & Noble
Google Play
Still waiting on iBooks but should be up in a day or two.

Love to see your great reviews! It just makes me so happy to know what parts you love the best. 🙂

So what’s next? Well I had planned to put out an Allen Securities. I know I’ve mentioned it to a few of you. I’m sorry to say but I’ve had to push that one until next month. Since I’m going to be at the Romance Times Convention in Atlanta, there are a few things I need to get out before then. Up side, next book is going to be Luna Lodge #12: Kyros. I think many of you will be glad too see one out again so soon.

After that will be the new series I’ve been talking about for what seems like forever. Berserk. I’ve been holding on to this for some time and I can’t wait to see what you all think.

So that’s about it for now. Just continuing to work, work, work. 🙂 As always, if you don’t hear from me, I’m likely writing.
Have a wonderful week!



Reading Order

Hello all! I’ve had several people ask about the best reading order for the books. As you all know, I love to intertwine the stories. It’s fun to think of them all living in the same town and working together on things. That just like a normal town, their lives might cross over from time to time. Plus, as I’m writing, great ideas of a branch off series will pop up. Instead of trying to force everything into the current series, I create a new one. I.e. I loved Finn’s character. He was just too delicious not to have his own story but it didn’t really work for the Allen Series so he got his own. I’m so glad you all seem to get this and have been so willing to come along for the ride. I absolutely love that my readers get this.

Allen/Kelly/Special Forces
Allen Securities: Reed #1
Allen Securities: Kace #2
Allen Securities: Liam #3
Kelly Clan: Finn #1
From here you can either finish off the Allen Series or finish off the Kelly Series. Or alternate between them. This is the point that there is a clear divide between the two and you won’t be spoiling anything by reading on. 🙂 Personally, I’d read Allen and then Kelly.
After you’ve finished those two series, then I’d start Special Forces. Trent is related to some things that were talked about in Kace but you don’t need to have just read Kace to read it. Those elements are recapped in the story.

Luna Lodge/Hunters of Atlas
Luna Lodge: Sol #1
Luna Lodge: Titus #2
Luna Lodge: Lucius #3
Luna Lodge: Marius #4
Luna Lodge: Apollo #5
Luna Lodge: Remus #6
Luna Lodge: Apollo and Val #5.5
Hunters of Atlas: Magnus #1
Basically, don’t start Hunters of Atlas before Remus. There are some key things that happen in book 6 of the Luna Lodge that help create the Hunters of Atlas series. From this point you can decide what direction you want to go. You can finish off all the Luna Lodge and then move on to the Hunters of Atlas. Jump right into the Hunters and finish those off or alternate between them. It’s up to you. I think I’d finish Luna and then jump into the Hunters.
Also, I do have another series that will branch off of these. It’s called Alpha Squad. You might see some hints at it toward the end of Varius and the end of Servius. 🙂 You’re going to love it!

I think that about covers it all. If I add any new series that might change all this, I’ll be sure to update. Any questions, feel free to ask. I’m always more than happy to answer questions if I can.



New Goals!

Hi everyone! As you might have seen, I missed some of my goals last month. There were a few family issues that popped up and I’ve been struggling with a bit of depression. It sucks to have gotten behind but I’m just glad to be feeling better and back on track.

So on to some happy news. Luna Lodge #11: Cyrus was released yesterday. There are new troubles at the Lodge and I’m afraid things aren’t going to get any easier for them anytime soon. Next book slatted for release is Luna Lodge Hunters of Atlas #6: Jace. Poor Jace took the brunt of anger from Marcus but he’s really a good guy.

That’s about all I have for now. Thanks to everyone for waiting so patiently. I’m feeling much better and just plan on moving forward with a new mindset. 🙂


News and things!

What a week! Had a few things crop up, nothing major, but it’s required I be off the computer to deal with them.

Just thought I’d touch base and give an updated line up. Nearly finished with Luna Lodge #11. Should be out at the end of this week. I plan on rolling right into Hunters of Atlas #6 after. Normally I won’t be releasing these two series in the same month but I figured it’s my birthday in a week so why not! 😀 Berserk #1 also comes out this month and I really can’t wait! It’s really shaping up to be fantastic. I’m so excited to see what you all think.

Since February is a time for love, I’ve decided to do a special Valentine release for Allen Securities. Zane is a new guy we haven’t see but you all are going to love him. 😉 I will also be putting out Buttoned Up #1, my first RomCom. It might seem corny to laugh at your own jokes but I think it’s too funny. Really hoping you all love it as much as I do!

That’s about it for now. Releases are getting to be really regular and I love seeing the reviews you all leave. They just make my day!

Luna Lodge #11
Hunters of Atlas #6
Berserk Series #1

Luna Lodge #12
Allen Securities #7
Buttoned Up #1