It’s Oh So Quiet…

So I’ve been a little quite lately. More than normal quiet. lol On top of trying to get all my writing done, I’ve been figuring out my next step in writing. That next step is Kindle Unlimited. I know some of you won’t be surprised by this since I was getting feedback but others might be.

First, let me say that I didn’t do this lightly. I love all my readers from all the various places you all get my books. That said, I’ve been faced with the harsh reality of a KU world. The fact is, I have bills to pay and KU has cut deeply into that money. I hate to even bring up money but it’s a reality we all have. I’m just lucky enough to be able to do a job I truly love.

I’m sorry if this news isn’t what you were wanting to hear. I really do mean that. But, for now, this is the solution that helps me to keep writing.

All that said, there is a bonus to this. I will be able to put out more books and not have to worry about one book cannibalizing another. It also means I’ll be able to follow the whims I have without worry (I’ve got a killer witch series in mind for next year). It opens up a whole new way of writing that I hadn’t been able to look at before.

Please have a little patience with me as I get my new KU legs. I’ve talked with Willow and we’ve placed Devils Den in KU. My doing this has thrown a wrench into her plans so we’re taking some time to figure things out with that series and where it fits in. Also, I’ve bumped Berserk for a bit. I had some trouble getting Dog Fight listed and want to make sure all the kinks are out. Up side, I’ll be putting out a new Luna Lodge book next week! I’ve got another surprise with that series but I’ll hold off on that for a bit. 😉

Anyways, thanks for reading this novel like post. I just want to reiterate how much I really care about all my readers. Some of you have been with me since book one and I’m so incredibly lucky to know you all. Thank you for continuing on this journey with me.


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