End of Summer Thoughts…

Summer is finally starting to slow down. Even here in my hot desert home. It’s only 99F degrees today and that’s a relief from the scorching temps this summer. My son is already be in school and my daughter has next week off then she’s back to school as well. As some of you may appreciate this, getting work done in the summer is always a challenge. And kids, even in the fictional world, often prevent any ‘fun’ activities. lol

That said, we were able to just release the latest Luna Lodge #14: Lucan. I think everyone is going to be very happy with the direction things head in the lodge and with the hybrids. The next 5 in the series are going to be the final five in this series! DON’T PANIC! lol This isn’t the end for the hybrids. More a moving point for them and that means great things for our boys and their woman. Also, Hunters of Atlas will continue on. We have tons of things still to settle there. Also, when Luna Lodge ends, I will be starting up a new series called Luna Lodge: Alpha Squad. This will be a sort of continuation of the Luna series but in a whole new way. Keep your eyes pealed, I’ll be announcing things related to this over next year.

Hope everyone is liking the return of Kelly Clan and Allen Securities. I’ve got some great ideas with both series but they will be slow coming out. It’s just they way they fall with the line up. But we’ll at least be getting 2 of each series a year. 🙂

Okay, finally Berserk. So you might have noticed I’ve delayed on this one. Mainly, I want to make sure this is exactly how I want it. I love all my series but this one is special to me. Mostly, I just need to make sure everyone loves it as much as I do. I’m hoping to have it ready by Sept. but we’ll see.

Final note, I just want to say thank you to everyone for being such great fans. I love that I’ve been able to connect with you all through my stories. I truly cherish all my readers. You are amazing women and I’m lucky to have this connection with each and every one of you. May we have many more years together and our hot alpha men. 😉



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