Hello June!

What a busy month May has been! I went to RT where I got to meet lots of fans, which is always amazing, and hook up with some wonderful author friends. It’s always a great time for good ideas to strike and that’s exactly what happened this year. I’m still formulating a few things on this but expect to hear something about this new series in the fall. 😉

Despite being gone a week, I was still able to get out two books this month. Zane from the Allen Series and Quintus from Hunters. Hope everyone has enjoyed them! It was fun going back and breathing some life back into the Allen series. This is something I hope to do more of this year. For all the suspense lines but I’ll talk more about that later.

Now we’ve covered May, I’m totally ready to move on to June. As some of you will remember, at the last RT I started to formulate a series. Just basic ideas that I have been obsessed with ever since. Two words. Shifter Vikings. 😀 See, tell me that doesn’t make you smile. This is going to be a little different. First, these books will be about double the size of a Luna or Hunters book. There is A LOT to cover in these books and to do that they just need to be longer. That said, they are also going to be priced at $3.99. I think it’s still a fair price for the length. Kay, another things that’s different is that there are 12 books in this series. If they go well I do have a branch off series planned but that’s won’t be until the final 12 are finished.

I am very excited about releasing this series. It’s going to be hot raw alphaness with the same awesome woman who can handle the heat.

Can you tell I like a strong female character? I actually just got an email today that really made my day. She talked about my female characters and how she loves that they have a backbone. Me too! I believe that a partnership means that both people need to have a voice. I think that’s what I’ve done and I’m so glad that I’m able to share that with so many amazing women.

Okay, back to the book. I expect to release around the third week of the month. Don’t hold me to it but that’s the plan. Also, because this is a new series, I’m totally going to beg you all to leave reviews. I sorta hate to do it because, bleh, it just makes me feel so dirty. But reviews do boost a book and I really want your feedback. I’m beyond excited about this series but it means nothing if you all aren’t feeling it.

Things have been really kicking along with the Kelly men. So much so that we’re going to see the introduction of a few new guys. I think you all will like the new direction. Eventually those dirty Russians will get what’s coming to them. Kelly Clan should come out the last week of the month. Again, don’t hold me to it.

So that’s about it. I’ll be leaving on vacation the last day of the month. I will have my computer with me and will likely be doing a little work but not much. Mainly because there are about a million people to see when I go home. lol Never a bad thing to be loved.

Hope you all have a great week!


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