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Well for me, I’ve been putting all that good data to use from the survey. Making plans for the new year and getting all my ducks in a row.

First things first, December is going to be a very busy month! I’m launching two new series as well as putting out a couple books in series already out. This is all going to be a blast but I will likely be scarce until after it’s all over. Nothing new to some of you but just wanted to let everyone know.

Sooooo, we’ve talked before about pre-orders and giving a heads up about releases. It’s something I’ve been tossing around for a bit now. I think this last week was a very good reason why it’s just not going to work in the near future. Illness is something I just have to deal with here and whenever I get behind, it puts my husband behind in editing. I’m not pulling the idea completely, just tabling it until I can get much further ahead. So for pre-orders, we might be looking at more July than January. Also, there are still some issues with pre-orders on Amazon. I’m hoping they continue to work out the kinks. However, I get that some of you might want to reread a series before a new book comes out (which I absolutely LOVE) and I want to make sure I’m giving you a heads up so you can do things the way you’d like. That said, I’m going to post up my lineup. There aren’t going to be any hard dates but the line-up will stay the same unless something crazy happens, which I’m sure you all will hear about. I thought it might help with any planning that needs to be done. 🙂

So here’s a soft outline for the next couple months (nothing is certain here, just general plan as of right now):

Hunters of Atlas #5: Marcus

December 2016
Luna Lodge #11: Cyrus

January 2017
Hunters of Atlas #6
Buttoned Up #1
Berserk Series #1

February 2017
Luna Lodge #12
Allen Securities #7: Zane
Berserk Series #3

So there you have it. Plans are to have release day only on Friday during the week. Unfortunately, it’s hard for me to get it out at the same time everywhere. So once a book is up on Amazon, it should be out at the other places by the following Tuesday at the latest. Ideally, I’ll be able to get them at those places sooner and hope they load up quickly but the time frame it takes to publish a book is really out of my hands. :/ Frustrating.

I think that about covers things. Really looking forward to the upcoming year. Lots of great things in the works!
Thanks for being such great fans. I love being able to share my books with you. I really am blessed to have this job.


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