The Quiet Times

If things ever get really quiet on my blog or facebook, it’s either one of two things. I’m sick, which sadly happens more than I would like. Or, I’m working on the next book. Fortunately, this time I’ve been working on the next book.

Zeno is coming along great. Gone through some edits and just came up with something brilliant. It helps round out the story and gives me so many ideas it hurts. That’s a good thing in my world. Won’t spill the beans because it would ruin the story but you all are going to love it!

Right now I’d say we’re a few days from putting it out. I don’t plan on holding it for a specific date. Lot of authors do but that’s just not my thing. I’ve never liked the idea of books sitting around when they could be in the hands of readers. Not to knock anyone, everyone works their own way. This is just me. This is likely also why I have a number of series out at one time. lol

So the plan right now is to finish up Zeno and then roll into Mason. Now don’t get use to all these books coming out so quickly. Mason and Riley (the next in the line-up) have been mostly plotted and have chunks written so they will go fairly quickly. On a typical month, I’d love to get out two book. However, right now I’m good with getting out one. Aim for two, hit one. It all works out.

One more final note. It seems that in Nero, the next book is incorrect. If you have an edition that says Marcus, that is not right. There was a misunderstanding. Lucas is actually the next book. Marcus needs to stew a bit more with his bad attitude. 😉

Hope everyone has a great Leap Year Day!



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