Series Rundown

I wanted to make this a whole new post because there are a lot of series going on and a few new ones that will pop up this year. I’ve already talked about my plans for 3 and 4 month rotations but I think it’s good to sort of touch base on each series.

So let’s start with Luna Lodge and Hunter of Atlas. These with both continue on like they have been. Zeno, for the Luna boys, will sort of crack open a whole path to figuring out who keeps screwing with them and what they can do about it. Zeno is the catalyst for all of this and I think you’ll see that with this coming book. For the Hunters, they have a whole different can of worms to worry about. The Azilians are bad news. We’ve already seen some pretty nasty and strange things from them but this group is unlike any others the Hunters have battled. It’s going to be epic in so many ways. Don’t want to spoil too much but Agatha will be showing up soon and she is not happy.

The Allen, Kelly and Special Forces are three very different series that are all set in the same world. I love each one for different reasons and it’s always hard to see one of them come to an end but Mason is going to be the last in the Allen Series. I do have plans for a few short stories that I’ll include in future newsletters (Ryder and Irene are a for sure at this point). For now, I think I need to step away. Doesn’t mean forever. There’s always the chance that while I’m writing another book, I’m struck with a brilliant idea but I don’ want to force something and tarnish the books I love. I do have plans for the hot biker HavocĀ that will come either at the end of this year or the start of next. He’s far to yummy not to have a book. The Kelly books still have quite a few more before we see a final resolution with Enis and the Russians. I do plan to write another Finn book and likely a few of the other boys. There are some loose ends and I’d like to see the guys get the chance to serve some justice.

It’s been a while since Shadow’s Embrace came out. It isn’t something I would normally do but I really like where this series could go. However, I’m stretched pretty thin. So I’ve decided to kick it old school with this one and just put out one a year. I think this is reasonable. It allows me the time to build the world and make it what I want.

Two new series this year. I know you’re prolly giving a little side-eye right now and you wouldn’t be the first. I pass myself in the mirror and give a little side-eye as well. It’s totally and utterly insane to think about adding two new series. Except that neither of these stores will let me go. I keep trying to put them off but I can’t. I just can’t.

First new series is called the Berserk Series and the first book is called Dog Fight. This is flat out a shifter book. It’s going to be longer, darker and dirtier than anything I’ve written thus far but you are going to LOVE it. The men are so alpha I get excited just thinking about it. First book will come out at the end of April or close to there and I’m going crazy with anticipation!

The next new series is called Buttoned Up the first book Stiff Collar. This series is a Romantic Comedy. I know this is a bit outside of what I normally do but last year I had the chance to listen to Sylvia Day talk about her writing. It gave me the strength to branch out. To write the books I feel and go for it. So that’s what this is. Aside from it not coming out until later in the year, I don’t really have a full plan for this series. I will be in a box set with several author friend and this is the series I’ll write a short for that. The Box Set will come out in Oct. I’ll post more about this one as time goes on and I have things plotted a bit more.

One more note, I will be finishing the Shot Serial and selling it as a whole book. It’s another one that’s just been sort of pushed to the side.

I think that just about covers everything. Busy year. I’ve got plans to get out a ton of books and try some new things. Hopefully that’s exactly what happens.

Thanks for reading!



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