Past, present and future

I thought I might take a moment to just chat a bit. I’m going to be moving at a crazy fast pace and I want to make sure I get a few things out there.

So first of all, you all are amazing. Thank you so much for being such great fans and loving my books as much as I love them. There’s nothing better than knowing that you’re creating a place where people what to be. I’m just so thankful for all my wonderful fans. I’ve gotten some really great emails and although I haven’t had time to respond to many, please know I read them and cherish the support and encouragement offered. I truly feel lucky to have such great fans.

I’d like to talk a little about this last year.

It was a pretty crazy time for my family since we bought a house (woohoo!) and went on our first big family trip just for fun, not to see family. These were both very big things for us and if you know about my children, you’ll understand why. For those who don’t know, both of my children are autistic. My daughter, 10, is severely so. My son, 7, is as well but he’s fully functioning with some behavior issues that are just now leveling out. So getting a house and going on a vacation are very big things to us. Just as a side note, if you have special kiddos, I 100% going to LegoLand. That place was fantastic. It’s low-key and there’s something for everyone. Not only that but they have a pass for special kids. It was the best possible experience we could have had. As for the house, more room is always good. Getting an actual office is amazing. Downside, we are still unpacking and putting together furniture! Does it ever end?? lol No, it’s really great but it took far longer than I expected to get settled.

Add in a few trips to visit family and I end up with a month like January. One where I start with the flu, drift into strep and settle with a sinus infection. Bleh.

Because of this, I’m only taking one trip this year and it’s to see my family. Luckily my husbands family is moving closer so it makes things easier. That said, it also means I’m not doing RT this year. I’m a little bummed about it but I really do think it’s for the best. This year I’ve got lazer sharp focus and things I want to get done. This is a good time to do it.

So let’s talk about dates.

There are no dates. lol I know that’s not something that you all want to hear but there are reasons. It used to be that I took them out because my health was making me miss dates. That’s not really the case now. As an independent publisher, I have options in how I look at the market. It’s not something I talk about much because most times I assume you all will find it boring but I bring it up now so there’s some understanding. I’m keeping my dates a bit more loose so I can keep up with this ever-changing market. It’s a good thing really. Unlike some publishers, I just have myself. I write very quickly and have a whole process that is expedited to get my books out there. The benefit is that I can put out things that people are interested in at the moment. I can also follow a muse. It’s not often that I let my muse get the better of me but there are moments. 🙂 The other reason is that I put out a lot of books. If I decide to change a date, it doesn’t really matter. It’s not like there isn’t going to be a book coming out. In a number of months I have two releases.

All that said, I know there are some series (*cough*Kelly*cough*) that haven’t gotten the regular schedule that they deserve. I’m really not trying to blow them off. I love all my series and want to make sure I’m being consistent with releases. Therefor, I’ve got a plan of action. Some series will be put on a 3 month rotation while others will be put on a 4 month rotation. Paranormal is 3 months. Suspense is 4 months. So what does this mean? Well, let’s say Kelly Clan #4 Riley (winkwink) comes out in March. Well the 5th book in that series would be out in July. This doesn’t mean that it will always work out exactly that way. This isn’t a guarantee and sometimes life happens. But I do want you all to know the general plan.

Where does that leave us?

Right now I’m working like crazy on Zeno. He’s been on my mind for ages and, OH MY! Somebody turn on a fan!

I’ve put the current works and the line-up in the Coming Soon section under books. This will give you an idea as to what to expect sooner rather than later. It is currently in the order I plan to write them in. This is subject to change but whatever is in the current section is something I am already writing. So that is a for sure thing.

Lot of books planned for this year but I think we’ll leave off right here. Don’t want to lump too much info all together.

Anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask. I’m actually putting time in my planner to be more accessible to you all. It’s something I’ve struggled with but I’m feeling far more confident as an author and want to open up a bit more. 🙂

If you read all the way through, thanks for sticking with me. I got epic posting skillz. 😉



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